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need help 16May2009 11:49

question to all experts
I have one question to all admin ?

How can we Protect ourselves from unidentified Virus , there are many Virus
which have no name in the anitvirus , if anybody have a good information
about this serious problem please share us


and posible if my scourty is hard then too any one hack my id and pass?

SaswatPadhi 16May2009 12:41

Re: question to all experts
Well, you want to protect yourself again a virus that's not recognised by anti-virus software !
htmm... interesting. :thinking:

If you are curious (and daring) enough, you may try to reverse engineer the virus, see what it does; and then try to create your own anti-virus solution to it.
But I can assure you ... it won't be easy at all. It is difficult, rather painful (you'll know if you try :wink:). And playing with a virus can be dangerous to your system's health.

If you just want to get a feel of what malware reversing is all about, here is a blog by Zairon (a moderator of www.crackmes.de and a really really good reverser) : http://zairon.wordpress.com/.

shabbir 16May2009 12:51

Re: question to all experts
I would suggest concentrate on things which you can control and not worry about the uncontrollables.

need help 26May2009 20:07

Re: question to all experts
@ shabbir

Man this is not my proper solution,pls tell me in detail how i protect my pc form hacker.

Best Regards

shabbir 27May2009 13:53

Re: question to all experts
Well thats the best I could advise. If there would have been solution to your question then Microsoft would not have invented new things daily and Norton people would have lost jobs :D

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