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SaswatPadhi 12Jun2009 23:38

Re: Solve system of equation by Gaussian elimination

Originally Posted by kiddo (Post 48571)
What is the use of fflush(stdin)?
can you explain for me?
i don't really know about it,
but I often seen it after the end of a loop.....



Originally Posted by shabbir (Post 48577)
Flushes the input buffer

It's a bad practice to use fflush(stdin) to flush the input stream.This method is UNPORTABLE, and hence should be avoided !
It will compile fine, but it's behavior is undefined on many C compilers.
But, it can be used safely with output stream.

To flush input stream, we can define something like :
Code: C

void my_fflush(FILE *pFile)
      char c;
      while( ((c = fgetc(pFile)) != EOF) && (c != '\n') );

and call it like :
Code: C



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