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SaswatPadhi 14May2009 21:31

Is it really necessary ??
When I click "Unanswered topics" at the top-right corner, a search is triggered :


Is it really necessary to include both "replylimit=0" AND "replyless=1" ??
I think removing "replylimit=0" won't matter.. :thinking:

shabbir 14May2009 21:45

Re: Is it really necessary ??
It does not harm as well

SaswatPadhi 14May2009 21:46

Re: Is it really necessary ??
Oh yes :p

SaswatPadhi 18May2009 19:35

Re: Is it really necessary ??
Just another thing I noticed :

In the advanced reply mode, the smiley icon beside the text-color icon, that shows the Generic Smileys, is unnecessary, as they are already shows inside a group-box beside the main editing area.
Can we have it replaced by a button that adds the "InlineCode" tags around selected text ?

Thanx in advance.

SaswatPadhi 18May2009 20:23

Re: Is it really necessary ??
Wow ! Thanx for the immediate action ! :pleased:

shabbir 18May2009 20:27

Re: Is it really necessary ??
Added inline code but I am not a fan of removing something because someone may be habituated to it.

SaswatPadhi 18May2009 20:29

Re: Is it really necessary ??
That's all right, I was just considering the fact that adding an extra icon would eat up some extra space. Smileys are not my enemies, I use them a lot :rofl:

shabbir 18May2009 21:05

Re: Is it really necessary ??
How did you know 4 minutes before I posted its done. Did you saw it in reply box or what ?

SaswatPadhi 18May2009 21:33

Re: Is it really necessary ??
Haha .. I was writing a C/C++ article and I hit "Preview Post". That's it ! :smile:

shabbir 19May2009 08:34

Re: Is it really necessary ??

Originally Posted by saswatpadhi (Post 48095)
haha .. I was writing a c/c++ article and i hit "preview post". That's it ! :smile:

haha :D

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