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Kodila 14May2009 00:23

Readinf text file
Hi again.

I got a littel problem, i just cant find the solution.
I read the txt file, then print it and its all fine.
I can search some chars and calculate how many that kind of chars are in txt file.
But are there posibiliti to input lets say 'a' and then it will search first 'a' letter and next lets say 10 chars.

xpi0t0s 14May2009 13:00

Re: Readinf text file
Yep, so you would need to read a character from the user, open and search the file for that character in exactly the same way you currently do, then just count off 10 characters and do whatever you want to do with them.

Kodila 14May2009 22:54

Re: Readinf text file
I know that, but i cant figur out how to count them...with somekind of array?loop?, mayby there are somewhere somekind of tutorial or help file???:).

SaswatPadhi 14May2009 23:49

Re: Readinf text file

Originally Posted by Kodila (Post 47838)
i cant figur out how to count them

You know how to find the first occurrence of 'a', but you don't know how to count next 10 chars ?!

You may use :
Code: c++

char ExtractedChar(10);
ifstream FileIn("myfile.ext");
// search for first occurrence
for (int i = 0; i < 10; ++i) ExtractedChar[i] = FileIn.get();
// continue

Kodila 16May2009 04:12

Re: Readinf text file
tnx il try that.:pleased:

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