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SaswatPadhi 11May2009 07:41

"Select All" for code-blocks


I think we should have a "Select All" button at the top of the code blocks, that would select the whole source-code inside the block. It would make copying and reproducing the code easier :smile:

shabbir 11May2009 08:47

Re: "Select All" for code-blocks
Nice Suggestion and let me get my PHP / HTML hat out and see if I can do it.

shabbir 11May2009 11:02

Re: "Select All" for code-blocks
As we have syntax highlighter for Code blocks it would not be possible to have the Selection option because of the browser compatibility and other issues of syntax highlighting but I would have this into my wish list and see if I can get this done by some other round about way

SaswatPadhi 11May2009 11:22

Re: "Select All" for code-blocks
Thanks for considering my request !

shabbir 11May2009 12:52

Re: "Select All" for code-blocks

Originally Posted by SaswatPadhi (Post 47582)
Thanks for considering my request !

The pleasure is all mine and keep them coming :D

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