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Theresonly1 10May2009 02:56

API for C#?
A beginner in C#, migrated from Java.

Java have an API of their own.

Do C# have one?
.. i desperately need one to assist me in programming & getting the syntax right. I can't rely on books all the time.

shabbir 10May2009 11:21

Re: API for C#?
Yes. They have their own Namespaces.

Theresonly1 10May2009 18:38

Re: API for C#?
And that is?

shabbir 10May2009 20:15

Re: API for C#?
To name a few System , Windows , Forms , Collections ...

Theresonly1 10May2009 20:56

Re: API for C#?
Yes i know but i want to know is how do i find these. Like there must be a website or document stating those.

For example: In java there's an API for listing all classes and their functionality.

But what about C#? So far i can't find any..

shabbir 10May2009 21:00

Re: API for C#?
MSDN Is your Best Bet

Theresonly1 10May2009 22:19

Re: API for C#?

Exactly what i was looking for

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