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kiddo 8May2009 11:34

Making Shortcut
A few days later, one of friend ask me whether we could make a shortcut to a program like Microsoft Word, Windows Media Player, and etc. First I think it was possible for me to do that, but I couldn't make it.

Can we make this shortcut to an installed program? How?
Life is Fun :pleased:

shabbir 8May2009 13:17

Re: Making Shortcut
Copy the Exe and instead of pasting it Right click and select Paste as shortcut. I prefer to do it this way.

kiddo 8May2009 14:09

Re: Making Shortcut
Sorry, I meant a keyboard shortcut, not an icon shortcut.

SaswatPadhi 8May2009 14:13

Re: Making Shortcut
Hi kiddo,

First make an icon shortcut.
Then, right-click on it and select "Properties".
Open the "Shortcut" tab.
Then. select your desired shortcut key sequence in the text box meant for it. :wink:

nimesh 8May2009 18:21

Re: Making Shortcut
You can also use the below freeware:

kiddo 9May2009 06:31

Re: Making Shortcut
Thx u all, nice tips
Happy Vesaka ^^

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