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Job opportunity 8May2009 11:27

Looking for Webdesigner /Integrator
Looking for Webdesigner /Integrator with minimum 1year experience .

Job Description:

Integrate designs, templates

Participate in the web development

Create templates if needed

maintenance of websites


Additional Information:
1st experience in the integration, implementation of design in CSS
Competences in html, javascript and CSS2 is a must
Understanding of the different steps of the creation of a website is needed
Good knowledge in designs (softwares, web) and development in html, dhtml, CSS, javascript.
Knowledge in PHP will be a + point .

Key skills:
HTML, CSS1 & 2, javascript, PHP5
WEB 2.0, W3C
Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver

About the Company:

SPAARTH is a multi cultural Design & Web Design agency, with offices in Europe and in India.

We had already acquired some solid expertise in the Creative Graphical Design in the design and implementation of Web sites in Europe and emerging countries, while we were working for multinational companies in Germany, France, India, Africa and South, Russia, Vietnam ... We believe a lot in the creativity of cultural melting pots!

To apply: hr@spaarth.com

Job Category: Multimedia Design/Integrator
Location: Our office in New-Delhi

shabbir 8May2009 13:27

Re: Looking for Webdesigner /Integrator
Moved to Job Offer forum

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