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Neverdiez 7May2009 19:57

Help on IP address
Hi Guys

I have a PC on that is connected to the domain. This PC has a static address.
If a user changes the address to DHCP and back the the original static address, is there any way I can prove this was done.

On the server I have looked at my address leases, that PC does not appear there.
I definitely know the PC was on DHCP because I changed it back to the static address myself.

I need to just find out when it obtained this DHCP address.

Is there any way of me checking this???

Is there and software that I can use that logs all this??

nimesh 9May2009 00:16

Re: Help on IP address
You might get this in Event Log

johnny5fizzle 9May2009 00:38

Re: Help on IP address
dont know sorry

johnny5fizzle 9May2009 00:42

Re: Help on IP address
someone hacked into my wife's hotmail acct and changed her password and now she can't access her e mail. how can i retrieve the password. please help!!! thankz

!Newbie! 20May2009 10:55

Re: Help on IP address
you could see it in the computer management, under services too, I guess.C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalService

johnny5fizzle 21May2009 06:17

Re: Help on IP address
ill try that gracias newbie.

xpi0t0s 21May2009 12:51

Re: Help on IP address

Originally Posted by johnny5fizzle (Post 48197)
ill try that gracias newbie.

heh, that's why you should post a new thread rather than hijacking someone else's thread on a completely different subject. It's free to click "New Thread". This answer has nothing to do with your wife's hotmail issue (of course, it's bound to be a hacker and not a case of her just forgetting her password, but in answer to your problem with hotmail, contact hotmail. We can't solve hotmail password issues here.).

johnny5fizzle 5Jun2009 07:13

Re: Help on IP address
thanxz 4 looking out....

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