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coderzone 7May2009 14:01

What makes you l0l ?
What's one of the funniest experiences you've ever had or the funniest thing you've ever seen or heard? (Remember folks, this is a family forum. We have to keep it clean!)

shabbir 7May2009 16:50

Re: What makes you l0l ?
I was once asked to sell Go4Expert.com for some pennies. :D

alramesh 25May2009 22:26

Re: What makes you l0l ?
I have waisted money on liveperson and latter on same solution i got on google..

indiansword 4Jun2009 00:39

Re: What makes you l0l ?
when my girl friends pulls out the cables of my desktop! once she broke my laptop! and split that into two! i was like

WTFFF! then it changed to LOLLLLLL the other day!

shabbir 4Jun2009 08:49

Re: What makes you l0l ?
Breaking a laptop makes you LoL is something really made me lOl

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