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tvks 6May2009 15:34

Lists and Maps

I am totally new to VC++. I have a requirement to draw maps and lists (data storage classes).

Where do I dig in some material ?? I will be happy if I can see a complete code.

Pls do not ask me to do googling for I have not found any complete code for reference at all.



xpi0t0s 6May2009 16:21

Re: Lists and Maps
If you're totally new then I'd suggest an easier language than C++...

Could you clarify what you mean by "draw maps and lists"? Are you talking about data relationship maps or geographical maps? By "draw", do you mean some sort of visual/graphic representation?

tvks 6May2009 16:52

Re: Lists and Maps

By lists I mean a similar display to a datagrid in C#. Something like a table.

By maps I mean something like a tree strucutre with images like folder images, root node images, sub folder images, etc.

I now feel that if I explain my requirement it will be better.

My current requirement is that I need a tree control with images (as mentioned above). Whenever I select a child node I want a grid to be displayed on the right part of the form. Each node will have different tables with different number of rows and columns.

I will be happy if I can see some code piece that will give me a good idea of how to proceed.



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