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Liz320 5May2009 22:04

WGET - issue
First off, I'm still very much a beginner at programming. I'm working on a huge research project which will require pulling in data from a website. My plan was to use WGET, and then write the program to pull in only the variables I'll need. I'm using C and when I attempt to pull in just one file, I get "no match." Is there another option other than WGET that anyone knows of? I've corresponded with someone at the website who unfortunately isn't familiar with C.


Liz320 7May2009 20:03

Re: WGET - issue
I figured it out...disregard.

SaswatPadhi 7May2009 20:16

Re: WGET - issue
Could you share with us, what and how did you figure out ?

Liz320 7May2009 20:46

Re: WGET - issue
I forgot to use quotes... :shame:
should be: wget "http..."

SaswatPadhi 7May2009 20:48

Re: WGET - issue
Lol :lol:

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