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mizanbdit 4May2009 11:09

SEO and URL Optimization
Advantages of keywords in URLs
The URLs look more user friendly
The URLs will provide better anchor text if people use the URLs as the link anchor text.

Any other benefit that any expert can think of

shabbir 4May2009 12:54

Re: SEO and URL Optimization
As its more user friendly you tend to get more people remembering the url

thomas09 5May2009 07:57

Re: SEO and URL Optimization

Keywords in URL tells what is the page about so it helps spiders to set relevancy and also helpful as point of view users.

TechnoDemon 5May2009 15:22

Re: SEO and URL Optimization
I think URL name it's not too important for SEO, The important thing is to trade your URL with other site owner so you can increase the number of your visitors.

yohan 12Aug2009 08:22

Re: SEO and URL Optimization
URL needs to coincide with your content. Short URLs are better so that visitors easily remembers you URL..

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