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B14ckh4t 4May2009 09:14

Hello everyone! pretty new here, but i'm from 2 other hacking forums. But ima try to post 5 downloads a day :) heres my first. now what this is it is a rat. more exstreme then a keylogger! there is a tutorial on the download to set you up. let me know how it goes.

B14ckh4t 4May2009 09:17

Re: Spy_net_master!
wont let me post link?

cpulocksmith 4May2009 09:34

Re: Spy_net_master!
yeah, you cant post links till your post count gets into the double digits. cuts down on spam, i think.

fourthdimension 7May2009 21:43

Re: Spy_net_master!
You can post the link if you mess it up a little bit.

Hex00010 21Jul2009 22:52

Re: Spy_net_master!
yeah sure go ahead and use spynet

thats why me and another person found it was backdoored thanks to advance packet caputring we was able to resolve that spynet used a dyndns account that whenever you execute the server client your system is automatically keyloged and sent to his email


We had gained access to his hotmail account and over 11,000 computers were keylogged new devlopers are trying to make a clean version now

SO yeah you go ahead and u do that :) download spynet i dare you

P455w0rd_Cr4kz 24Aug2009 23:29

Re: Spy_net_master!
you should of take the account away from...........that would be some payback.

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