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Carlito 30Apr2009 19:03

High Yo Geekx!
I am quite excited to join in a forum, my first ever. I believe that God is a sonic vibration and that to create He generates code in many languages. I am developing an asynchronous offline GUI that activates exiting software in lieu of modules or filters in the audio domain. I code my website in html and just woke up on the embedded use of javascripts. I suppose that I can only learn from all of you guys and hope you will receive me as a little brother who has high regards for geekGods.

shabbir 30Apr2009 19:25

Re: High Yo Geekx!
Hi and welcome to the world of programming

Carlito 1May2009 06:36

Re: High Yo Geekx!

Originally Posted by shabbir (Post 46771)
Hi and welcome to the world of programming

I'd rather call this a universe. You got quite an impressive community here.
Congratulations shabbir and super thanks for such a wealth of connectivity and information.

shabbir 1May2009 09:53

Re: High Yo Geekx!
The pleasure is all mine but its not me who has made this community what it is today and its because of forum members and champions

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