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shabbir 28Apr2009 10:27

Facebook Ads - A Review
After getting a $50 Facebook ad gift from Godaddy for purchasing Hosting and other stuffs I thought I would use it to see if it works for me and I was stunned to see the following outcome.

Google Adwords provide me traffic for $0.01 and Facebooks asks for 0.24 - 0.36. Almost 25% more than Google Adwords on a single click.
I always saw some money is used but never saw anybody on my site from Facebook ( As per analytics and other Stats programs. )
Suddenly my credit card was charged for some $$ and I could not find a way to contact them. After searching for almost one hour I found this link which is nothing related to Ads Contact as you can see.

Though not confident I posted the query about why my credit card was charged and luckily I got the following reply and I quote.
Hi Shabbir,

Our records indicate that the coupon in question expired on the 27th of March. Please note that you will be charged for advertising charges that exceed the promotional credit you received. You will need to suspend your ads if you do not wish to receive additional charges beyond the free credit amount. We apologize for the confusion.

You can view your applied codes and balances under the "Funding Sources" in your account. To see your funding sources, go to the 'Ads Manager' tab and then the 'Billing' tab. From this tab, click on 'Funding Sources.' From this tab, you can see all credit cards and advertising credits listed on your account.

If you have further questions or problems, please let me know.

Thanks for contacting Facebook,
Now a 50$ Ad coupon which I get also expires and not then you pay 30% higher than Google Adwords and the moment I got this I stopped the ads. :cryin:


Heard that Facebook is not making good bucks and now I know the reason why. There are many things which needs to be improved.
  1. They should consider on increasing ROI of advertiser
  2. Ad credits should allow the advertiser to experiment
  3. They should send some traffic to the Advertisers site

Never think about advertising in Facebooks

david82 8May2009 15:06

Re: Facebook Ads - A Review
Hmm. No wonder people love Google because I think face bok needs to improve their standards.

LenoxFinlay 13Jul2009 17:16

Re: Facebook Ads - A Review
f you have items sent to you to review like all the ads on Facebook say, what are the sights I can join that are safe?

Are there any sights online that I can have stuff sent to me to test and review? And what are the catches?

ritz10 6Sep2009 12:03

Re: Facebook Ads - A Review
Thats again a very informative article on facebook. My personal advise is use social media platforms for building community, spend money on developing applications and ideas that can keep your community engaged rather than paid advertising on these platforms.

Even if facebook or any other SM platform raise their standards, it would be little too much to expect good ROI from paid advertising from them because of their basic social nature. Relevant CTR would always be too low.
Brands like Starbucks uses facebook effectively. They have millions of fan following but not through paid advertising. They have build community around their brand and managing it effectively by actively participating in the community.

shabbir 6Sep2009 14:49

Re: Facebook Ads - A Review
Very true

technica 2Dec2009 16:21

Re: Facebook Ads - A Review
Many other are fake. In my one experience, I added one affiliate, on first month they paid me some $$ but then after that I never got any $$ from them. bad affiliate.

smiths 2Sep2011 16:28

Re: Facebook Ads - A Review
really nice info.

mirandu85 3Oct2011 16:04

Re: Facebook Ads - A Review
how much traffic can a simple Facebook add bring?

shabbir 3Oct2011 16:51

Re: Facebook Ads - A Review

Originally Posted by mirandu85 (Post 87593)
how much traffic can a simple Facebook add bring?

As many $$$ as you can spend.

silvan4now 4Oct2011 15:01

Re: Facebook Ads - A Review
well that also means this is a method that can be defined as "richer you are better you will have" :P

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