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cpulocksmith 28Apr2009 09:16

need to out put to usb
ok well, i dont know if this is possible but i think it can be done... i want a code that will turn a motor that is hooked up to the power comming off my usb. i have no clue where to start. any ideas?

xpi0t0s 28Apr2009 17:04

Re: need to out put to usb
As USB is a serial protocol there are no specific pins with specific jobs as you might get in RS232 or parallel. Plus powering a motor directly off USB is probably not advisable as you could draw too much current and blow your PC up. So I'd suggest getting a USB-capable PIC or some other microcontroller and controlling the motor with that, although again not running the motor directly off the PIC outputs but using a PIC output pin to control a transistor. See the PIC tutorials at http://www.winpicprog.co.uk/pic_tutorial_extras.htm

xpi0t0s 28Apr2009 17:06

Re: need to out put to usb
actually the Vellemann K8055 kit might do the trick if you're handy with a soldering iron.

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