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rosalie1946 27Apr2009 07:08

Writing an Algorithm
I am helping my handicapped son who is taking a computer programming course at ITT-Technical and this one is really Greek to me.
It is
Rewrite the following If-Then-Else If statement as a Select Case Statement.
If selection == 1 Then
Display "You selected A."
Else If selection == 2 Then
Display "You selected 2."
Else If selection == 3 Then
Display "You selected 3."
Else If selection == 4 Then
Display "You selected 4."
Display "Not good with numbers, eh?"
End If

I don't even know where to start? Can you help us. There are several others we'll need help with too!

also do you help with programming exercises???


rosalie1946 27Apr2009 07:09

Re: Writing an Algorithm
Can anyone help us with this?

cpulocksmith 27Apr2009 08:35

Re: Writing an Algorithm
here i hope this helps

#include <iostream> //basic input output, allows you to get input and give output
#include <stdio.h>// in this code allows you to pause

using namespace std; // standed library

int main(){//main code block everything importand is in here
    int Number = 1;// the number you will input right now it equals 1
    cin>>Number;// asks you for the number
    switch (Number)//tells the switch what case it wants
case 1://outputs every thing in the case 1 is Number = 1
cout << "you selected 1" <<endl;
case 2://outputs every thing in the case 1 is Number = 2
cout << "you selected 2" <<endl;
case 3://outputs every thing in the case 1 is Number = 3
cout << "you selected 3" <<endl;
case 4://outputs every thing in the case 1 is Number = 4
cout << "you selected 4" <<endl;
if (Number > 4){//if the Number is greater then 4 it out puts this
    cout<<"not good with number, hu?"<<endl;
system("pause");//pauses the output so you can see it(this is not really needed)


shabbir 27Apr2009 09:07

Re: Writing an Algorithm
Moved to programming forum

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