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real_ice 25Apr2009 14:12

Magazine Advertisement for Website ?
Signed up monthly contracts with well known magazines, and have to say it was the worst investment I have ever made.

Anyone else had much success in magazine advertising for their websites ?

shabbir 25Apr2009 19:10

Re: Magazine Advertisement for Website ?
Never try things which can never work for conversion. People when they read magazine would never tear a page of your advertising when they come online. Magazine advertising can be used to build a brand and is not for conversion.

Try Adwords instead.

desgin2.0 16May2009 12:50

Re: Magazine Advertisement for Website ?

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Marketing Manager

LenoxFinlay 1Aug2009 12:28

Re: Magazine Advertisement for Website ?
A few hours a go I was at the hairdressers. On the back of a magazine i saw an advertisement for a website of wich you upload your picture and paste hairstyles on to your head. The problem is, I forgot what the website is. I know it had the words "hair" and "style" in it.

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