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Ledeappange 23Apr2009 07:19

I want to make my website popular
Hi everyoneI hope some one can tell me how to make my website show on the top of google page results, I did agree to pay google per click and still I can see my website not within the first 10 pages of the search, what should I do improve my website pagerank or page rankingI have to earn some money fast or I will lose my business

shabbir 23Apr2009 08:26

Re: I want to make my website popular
I have moved your thread into SEO forum.

I would suggest you read the SEO FAQ's at the top of this forum as that will help you understand the search engine optimization basics.

Paying Google for per click is for sponsored listing and it would not impact your search engine results page output.

stephen186 24Apr2009 14:56

Re: I want to make my website popular

You are talking about google adwords. it is considered as SEM part. Search Engine Marketing where we need to pay for per click but it requires some upfront cash.

Now regarding SEO. You will need to invest some of your time to read all about SEO and actually apply it to see some real time results. SEO is great for organic or free traffic. even though you do not require any huge upfront cash here, you still need to have some patience and ability to learn quickly.

phcarmaster 1May2009 17:37

Re: I want to make my website popular
Paying google for clicks will not help SERP. Some threads here have basic SEO input. Better explore this forum, it got some cool tips in it.

laserlipo 7May2009 11:08

Re: I want to make my website popular

For making the website popular you have to do SEOs work for Page Ranking and also for making the website popular..
Follow this thing for making the website popular :
1. Bookmarking
2. Video Uploading
3. Forum Posting
4. Twitter
5. Blog Posting
This all ways which is good useful for making the website popular .....

xpi0t0s 7May2009 12:59

Re: I want to make my website popular
As nobody's mentioned this yet I thought I'd just make a mention:

Put some decent content up there and do the hard work to make it a _useful_ site for people to visit. Find out why popular sites are popular (hint: it's because they're good) and do the same sort of stuff. Give people reason to visit your site and to keep coming back.

Also don't ignore valid advertising opportunities. You are allowed on this site to put links in your signature. But you haven't done that, so I can't even have a look at the site no matter how good it is.

xpi0t0s 7May2009 13:03

Re: I want to make my website popular
Is that it under your homepage? You have no idea how unprofessional scrolly text and that silly dancing stick figure makes the site look. Top tip: lose both of them.
Don't mimic the Google logo. It's not big or clever. Get your own ideas.

yohan 8Jul2009 04:52

Re: I want to make my website popular
Optimize your site by doing both On-Page and Off-Page Optimization.. On-Page deals with the proper use of keywords, alt-tags (when describing images), meta tags, title tags and description.. Off-Page Optimization deals with building links.. Article & directory submissions, blog commenting, press releases, classified ads, link exchange, etc., falls under these category..

remoteworkmate 13Jul2009 17:40

Re: I want to make my website popular
Implementing SEO techniques can really do wonders for your site, but it can also be quite strenuous especially if you have little or no knowledge at all about SEO. But you can always outsource your optimizing work at an affordable rate.

cuinee 4Dec2009 05:12

Re: I want to make my website popular
Here are some ways that helps your site popular:

Website Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Pay Per Click
Social Media Optimization

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