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aldolopur 23Apr2009 06:59

Diets that worked for you?
I've already come to the conclusion that one diet will work wonders for one person yet not make a slight difference to another.What diets have you done that actually worked for you?How long did you keep it up? (Yes I'm assuming you gave up at some point)I've done many diets in my life and each time I gave up keeping it going for various reasons.One does stand out though and that's the cabbage soup diet. It is meant to cleanse your body of all the bad foods you've had and should only be done for one week since it is not a diet for life. I can say it really worked. My mum and I did it (I think 10 years ago) She lost about 3 kg in that week and looked no different in her appearance. I, on the other hand lost nothing, yet I looked great.In a nut shell the diet consists of having a certain recipe for cabbage soup which you can eat as much as you want the entire week, and every day you eat something else (can't remember the list though..)How about you?

shabbir 23Apr2009 08:29

Re: Diets that worked for you?
You should be asking this on forums like www.operaoflife.com

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