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kalyan123 22Apr2009 22:32

Please give the source code in C for the following program
Anyone please give me the C source code for the program. It is urgent.
Q. Low power applications in embedded systems use a power down mode on a microcontoller and a low frequency oscillator and counter to periodically wake the application up to see if something needs to be done or to perform task as needed. in the low power mode, the micro controllers clock is turned off because it is generally high frequency and consumes more power. also, the micro controller is powered off except for start-up circuitry that is awakened by a counter connected to a low frequency counter. in this mode of operation, the embedded system can operate on 10's of microamperes, about the same rate as the self discharge rate of the small battery running the system. This assignment will delve into developing the software to poperate the AVR buttefly processors in a very low power mode, waking it up at selected intervals to make temperature measurements and store the data. the major elements of this project will include; interfacing a 4MB non -volatile flash memory, working the registers necessary to setup the low frequency oscillator and a counter, working with registers to set up the low power mode, connected, sounding a short, low beep from the piezo buzzer at some time interval, and the serial command interface.

SpOonWiZaRd 24Apr2009 18:23

Re: Please give the source code in C for the following program
Welcome to G4E, this is the introduce yourself section, ask that in the programming section, you will definitely get a reply there that will answer your question.

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