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bond124 22Apr2009 15:29

Vote for “India – Still An Outsourcing King”?? YES / NO
When anyone talks about outsourcing, India's name comes up in mind as an undisputed King in Business Process outsourcing, Offshore Software Development and ITES. Due to new emerging countries in Outsourcing field now a question arises “Will India remain outsourcing King? “

In one of the best IT research magazine Gartner says, “In terms of offshore centers, India remains the undisputed leader, with China and Russia emerging as strong contenders” Gartner identifies the growth in offshore outsourcing to India and other developing countries as one of the most significant shifts in IT in the near term.

But competition in not over yet, another research magazine Forbes report says “similar low-cost technology centers in China, the Philippines, Malaysia, Russia and Pakistan are sprouting up and already competing for a share in outsourcing projects, making it increasingly unlikely that India can retain its "reign" as "the outsourcing king" for long.

The figure of $50 billion software exports by 2008 as predicted by Indian National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) is too ambitious and may be difficult to realize. If India fails to meet this target, it may lose its competitive edge.

However, it is too early to speculate in those terms because under the given circumstances there is no threat to India's status in the outsourcing world and for various reasons the West will always prefer India over its rivals. In fact, it can boast of adding more feathers to its crown. What do you think, Will India loose his place in Outsourcing and Offshore Software Development?? Rohit Raghvendra Tripathi

shabbir 22Apr2009 19:04

Re: Vote for “India – Still An Outsourcing King”?? YES / NO
I dont think so but still things turning to India because there are very few other alternatives.

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