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saravananr 19Apr2009 17:55

File Upload in ASP
Hi All,

I need to know how will be coding comes for file upload in ASP(asp.net 1.0). I know how it was coming in aspx(asp.net 2.0). Can any one give me the sample for it?

That may be helpful for me !!!!!!!!!

Thanks in advance !!!!!!!!!!!!!1


gkumar 22Jun2009 15:32

Re: File Upload in ASP
If you have the privilege of using ASP.NET then you should read these comprehensive tutorials regarding file uploading using built-in ASP.NET server controls:

1. File uploading to server hard disk.
2. File uploading to Microsoft Access database.
3. Uploading images, determining size, width & height and resizing image files.

I'll assume that you have read the previous articles and thus will only concentrate on the parts which are new in this article. I get enormous amounts of emails by people asking me how to upload files with ASP. This article is going to be an answer to all those questions.

In all the previous articles we have been using Loader.asp to handle binary data. Same is going to be the case in this article. We'll though modify Loader.asp a bit to allow us to save uploaded binary data to the server hard disk.

Open your note pad ( or any other ASP editor you use ) and create a new file. Save it as 'Loader.asp'. Now copy the text listed below and paste it in to the newly created 'Loader.asp' page and hit the save button :

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