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cpulocksmith 17Apr2009 09:50

need some help with remote desktop
ok well, i want to connect to a remote computer with the remote desktop connection tool that comes with windows xp. i am running windows xp home, and the computer i want to connect to is running xp home as well. when i tried to connect i typed in the name of it. in this case i named it "box1"(dont know why)so i typed that in and i cont and error, "this computer cannot connect to the remote computer." mmm.. so i tried the ip, since i am rigged up in lan right now i just used the local address, and i got the same message. i did enable remote sharing on the target computer(box1). and it is also enabled on the computer i and trying to use. any ideas?

nimesh 17Apr2009 18:14

Re: need some help with remote desktop
Since you are getting the error that you cannot connect to the computer, I think that it is the network issue.

Are you able to connect to the other computer by any other method.?
Are you able to ping to the other computer?

cpulocksmith 18Apr2009 00:49

Re: need some help with remote desktop
i can ping the computer fine, i even have file sharing enabled and can move files back and forth with it, but for some reason i cannot remote connect.

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