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shobhit_ra 12Apr2009 15:18

CButton caption problem
Hello I have set some Text in the caprion property of Button in MFC dialog based application with the & (apmersand symbol)
example- Sh&ow message.
But it is not showing the Underscore below 'O' letter.

Please suggest the solution. Where I am wrong?

shabbir 12Apr2009 17:33

Re: CButton caption problem
& hold a special symbol for Alt key shortcut and you need to escape the character using double &&

shobhit_ra 13Apr2009 10:26

Re: CButton caption problem
Hi Shabbir
But it is not the solution.

I have to show the text on Button with the Underscore symbol.

&& is not working instead it is showing the text like &Hello. And single & is not showing the Underscore below any letter.

Please suggest.

shabbir 13Apr2009 11:32

Re: CButton caption problem
Now Single & what does it show for you because for me it show as Hello

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