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shabbir 10Apr2009 21:59

Rules and Regulations
All Forum Rules and Guidelines to be followed when participating in competition.
  • First Person With The Right Answer gets the Prize.
  • * You should have your Details updated with the Paypal email or it should be updated before the Next days question is posted and Notify Me via PM or VM.
  • * If you fail with the above point the price goes into the Support open source campaign of Go4Expert.com.
  • Added 15th Jun 2009 - You can Win only 3 times a week and start of week is from Monday
  • Added 19th Jun 2009 - You can post as many answers as you like, but only your last posted answer will be considered.
  • Added 20th Jun 2009 - After all we are Human and if the poster does any mistake in question there would be no winner.
  • Added 5th Jul 2009 - Posts cannot be edited not deleted.
  • Added 16th Feb 2010 - You can Post your questions but they should not be related to Go4Expert.com
* Note : We have such one day system as we do not want to be tracking the prize of who is not paid and create a balance sheet of each user.

shabbir 19Jun2009 19:49

Re: Rules and Regulations
This thread I have kept for Rules and if you have any doubt discuss with us at $1 Rules and Regulation Discussion and then I can append them here.

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