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pankaj.sea 8Apr2009 10:30

Repairing Windows XP (All Editions)
Hello Every One!
Here I'm going to tell a great thing i.e, how to repair or recover Windows XP after crashing! Some times at the time of boot we see a message SYSTEM FILE MISSING includes the file name, many of us are unknown to solve this problem! :thinking:
To solve it you have to collect a Windows XP bootable cd. The procedures are -
Configure your BIOS setting, change FIRST BOOT DEVICE TO CD/DVD. [To open BIOS press F2 or DELETE {Varies for different mother boards}, then go to BOOT change the setting and save and exit or press F10].
Then insert the cd, when prompts PRESS ANY KEY TO BOOT FROM CD... press a key and wait.
At the first screen when it prompts PRESS ENTER TO SETUP WINDOWS XP, PRESS R TO REPAIR, PRESS F3 TO EXIT that time press "r".
Then a window opes just like DOS.
Here you have to choice your WINDOWS XP usually it is choice 1 i.e, press 1 and enter.
Then type the administrator password if unknown press enter.
Then type these commands-
c:\windows>chkdsk \p
and then chkdsk \r

It solves the problem!

shabbir 8Apr2009 12:27

Re: Repairing Windows XP (All Editions)
Some reputation your way !!!

host1plus 9Apr2009 20:40

Re: Repairing Windows XP (All Editions)
Thank's for info, but after dometime that repairings does the black job, computer slowing down and down. Because windows xp register (as other old windows) became biger and biger.
Solutions are few:

Create few disks, in one of them install windows andmake fresh install backup.
For other non-installed files use other disks (not C:\), My documents and others too in other disks (D:\ or smth)

Or use Windows 7 :) This windows I respect, using on HP laptop, beta version )

kiddo 17Apr2009 12:36

Re: Repairing Windows XP (All Editions)
I used to have problem with "BlueScreen".
It appeared and the boot process failed,
then it restarted again and again.

I've done the repair from the bootable CD,
but it still showing the BlueScreen.
I forgot what the BlueScreen display on my Screen.
But it was about the missing data in the system.

Any clue abuout this???


I'm still a newbie, Nice 2 be here:nice:

pankaj.sea 17Apr2009 15:53

Re: Repairing Windows XP (All Editions)
What you have told about "BlueScreen" error!
Some times it happens for installation of new softwares or hardwares.
If you have done that then I'll suggest you to remove it, [To do it run your pc in safe mode].
Then if problem persists open your cpu and remove the ram, clean it gently and reinstall it!


kiddo 18Apr2009 10:05

Re: Repairing Windows XP (All Editions)
Thx for the help,
How can I know which software/hardware I have to remove?
coz I don't remember clearly what I have installed last time...


thank you:nice:

pankaj.sea 18Apr2009 14:40

Re: Repairing Windows XP (All Editions)

As u have ask, to find your recent installed programs go to PROGRAM FILES folder at C:\ the Arrange up your icons BY MODIFIED and you will find the recent file at the first.
About your problem I can give u another suggestion that the blue screen error may be caused by huge start up programs. To see it go Start -> Run -> type msconfig -> start up. If there exists a large number of programs, remove them without the antivirus and sound manager!
Then restart your pc.
You should clean your pc's junk files at temp folder. [Start -> Run -> type temp, then you will find some files, delete them without any tension bcoz there does not exists any documents of yours THEN Start -> Run -> type %temp% and do same process].
I think after doing these tasks your pc will be ok!


pankaj.sea 18Apr2009 14:48

Re: Repairing Windows XP (All Editions)
Hey kiddo!
I've another suggestion,
Format your pc [only c drive] again!
I think it will be greater!

kiddo 30Apr2009 11:40

Re: Repairing Windows XP (All Editions)
thx Pankaj,
I also think that is the last chance to take.


Thx alot you all:)

kiddo 30Apr2009 11:47

Re: Repairing Windows XP (All Editions)
Now, I have this proble.

1. My OS (Win XP) sometimes failed to boot,
I don't know what is the problem,
is it because any problem with my error or my system?
or maybe it concerns with virus?

2. Is CMOS battery has different type?
I have changed mine, but the clock still reset every time I reboot.

Pliz Help me.....:freak:

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