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cwventer 8Apr2009 09:02

Multi-site search tool?
I am looking to build a search tool where, when you enter a search query, it is simultaneously sent into the search boxes of a set of other specific websites (as opposed to something like a Google custom search), after being modified to suit the search tools of each particular site, and the results from all the searched sites appear on one page. How would one start with something like this? Is there a name for the things involved in this? I'm pretty non-technical, but I can figure a lot out once I know what to research.


shabbir 8Apr2009 12:24

Re: Multi-site search tool?
If you plan to use the search of particular sites you would need to see the results page of the sites and see if it allows adding something into the url and then display them in some frame

cwventer 8Apr2009 22:15

Re: Multi-site search tool?
Thanks Shabbir, that makes sense.

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