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host1plus 7Apr2009 16:15

Free Profesional Hosting
Host1Plus is preparing for the official launch of its new affordable web hosting service in May with a fantastic free web hosting offer. This will be available for only two days this April, with registration open from 1.00 pm GMT on April 15th

shabbir 7Apr2009 18:56

Re: Free Profesional Hosting
No self promotion.

host1plus 7Apr2009 20:31

Re: Free Profesional Hosting
I don't think this is a promotion. But you are chief here :)
I think this is just an offer for everybody to have professional hosting with realiable resources for 1 year free :)
Don't you??? :)

shabbir 7Apr2009 21:46

Re: Free Profesional Hosting
I am not a chief of any sort but I think if you have any offer for people you can post them but links to your sites should go to sig and that goes without saying even to me.

If you want them in posts we have product showcase for you to look at.

host1plus 10Apr2009 20:26

Re: Free Profesional Hosting
Thank You :)

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