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lemoert 6Apr2009 01:40

Issue with image padding on website

I have recently gotten into programming in order to create a website for myself. Today I was changing it a bit and came across something strange that I seem unable to fix. I added an iframe containing a page that displays random images, this page does however seem to have some sort of padding to the right of the image that I cannot remove. I tried to add a width attribute to the stylesheet but that does not change anything for some reason. I have no idea how to solve this and it is quite annoying as this white field prevents me from placing the image where I want it and still keeping things looking good. Any ideas of how to solve this?
You can find it on the news section on nantitel.net, should be fairly obvious what I am talking about.

Kind regards,

shabbir 6Apr2009 08:32

Re: Issue with image padding on website
Either you need to change the content of the page or else you need to make your iframe goes to some negative value

lemoert 6Apr2009 14:10

Re: Issue with image padding on website

How could I change the page in any way, it only contains the script for the random image as far as I can see? And, I do not fully understand what you meant by changing the iframe to a negative value, the below is what I currently have in my stylesheet, I tried changing the width to -10px but that seems to do nothing (it is at no value at the moment as the height acts up if there is no width value what so ever).

HTML Code:

div.newsimg {
    position:absolute; bottom:15%; right:0%;

Would you be able to explain what you meant in more detail?

Thanks for the help,

shabbir 6Apr2009 14:54

Re: Issue with image padding on website
You are importing a url into iframe and mention the position of the iframe as absolute and then specify the top left as needed and it would take -ve values as well.

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