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debapriya.patra 3Apr2009 13:02

Split a String In C++
Hi All,

Is there any function available to split a string.

I wanted to split the strings based on the special characters like (-,_!,@,#,^,).

I am poor in C++ but in java i used to do it using StringTokenizer.

Say anybody already worked on such problems can help oot on this....

I need help bcz i don't know C++ , i am learning now.

Thanks in advance


xpi0t0s 3Apr2009 13:04

Re: Split a String In C++

debapriya.patra 3Apr2009 13:23

Re: Split a String In C++
In which header file i need to include to use this function and what is the parameters it required.??

listendinesh 3Apr2009 14:23

Re: Split a String In C++

Example Code


char str[] = "now # is the time for all # good men to come to the # aid of
  their country";
    char delims[] = "#";
    char *result = NULL;
    result = strtok( str, delims );
    while( result != NULL ) {
        printf( "result is \"%s\"\n", result );
        result = strtok( NULL, delims );

debapriya.patra 3Apr2009 16:10

Re: Split a String In C++
thanks a lot for the response....

Anyway i got the same example from google and run that ..
now its working for me...

once again thanks.....

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