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MareSnine 3Apr2009 11:00

Stupid Question
Hey everyone... how do I search for more than one word in other posts, so that it returns only posts with those two words?

shabbir 3Apr2009 11:44

Re: Stupid Question
By putting those words in the search box

xpi0t0s 3Apr2009 12:50

Re: Stupid Question
hi shabbir, I tried using the Google Custom Search at the top of the page and got zero results no matter what I tried. Seems to me that this feature is broken...

The Advance G4EF Search works fine and putting "stupid question" into the search box returned this thread as the top result.

shabbir 3Apr2009 16:33

Re: Stupid Question
I tried searching with "shabbir" and it worked.

Its powered by Google and so it should be working unless Google has some Glitch.

Let me know the keyword you are using ?

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