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firefly1 2Apr2009 10:01

Can you suggest any good networks? Read my story!

I currently use adsense and tribal fusion (both of which are excellent), but finding fillers for TF as well as 1st level banner ads for some of our smaller sites (around 1k uniques a day) is proving to be a nightmare.

1. I first signed up with adxdirect and started serving their ads. At first it was all good, nice professional ads, etc. 2nd day I started seeing popups as well as rotating ads. 3rd day I saw rotating google ads (obviously not mine, how could they track these clicks???), so I yelled at them and they say they took care of it. Next day, same stuff so I quit them.

2. Signed up for bannerconnect as they have 100% fill rate. Well after a few weeks of using them, I'm was still getting ~$0.20cpm, despite having tons of clicks. They use YieldManager (utter crap and slow adserver). While I haven't had any issues with their ads (all clean nice looking, no crap) I'm not maximizing revenue so I keep looking.

3. Signed up for Oridian (Ybrant) as they looked big and professional and what not. Same crap as bannerconnect, they use yieldmanager. They have nice looking ads (no crap) but get this, after a few days, 7,000 impressions, and over 150 clicks the net profit for me was around $2.00. I still can't understand this total unless almost all the clicks were CPA with no actions (they do cpm/cpc/cpa all mixed together, absolutely stupid). So disappointing again. Didn't realize until after ads were served that oridian was a sister company of adxdirect lol.

I know if I have high expectations as Adsense earns me around $.30 - $.60 per click and TF gives me a solid $2cpm average, I'm just so tired of searching for a good ad network that can fill my defaults as well as doesn't have high restrictions for my other sites. Obviously casalemedia, burst, and the other top tiers are what I want, my other sites don't have much traffic and won't meet the requirements and I want good quality banners as all my sites are business related.

Now, can ANYONE suggest a network that they currently use, earn great payouts, it's easy to get accepted, not high requirements (1000 daily is ok), without any crap ads (flashy/sex/activex/gambling/etc)???????

I'm not interested in adbrite, bidvertiser, etc. I need quality graphic banners served on a cpc (thats at bare minimum .10) or CPM above $.80

I know there is a billion threads on this topic, most are outdated and believe me I have searched for weeks.


shabbir 2Apr2009 10:10

Re: Can you suggest any good networks? Read my story!
Its always better to keep away from new networks but its always worth the risk for a minimum payout.

oridian 5Apr2009 20:00

Re: Can you suggest any good networks? Read my story!
Hello firefly1,

We came across your thread regarding your search for a good network, and wanted to reply to a few things you listed.

Oridian and Ybrant are not related in anyway to ADXDirect. We are sister companies with AdDynamix, which is not related to ADXDirect either.

We offer eCPMs ranging from $.1 to $1.50. This of course, depends on the country of geographic origin of the traffic, and the site performance.

With the basic information in your post, it is hard for us to address your issue more specifically. But if you provide us with more background, we are happy to look into this. In any case, please feel free to contact us at: publisher@oridian.com


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