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griff44444 2Apr2009 05:40

Command Prompt
Hello everyone,
I am new to this website and I plan to keep active on it. I mainly joined this website to talk to people about computer "code" and "hacking" and all that stuff.
I'm currently interested in command prompt, but I do know some vb.net code if anyone needs a little help.
I was just wondering if anyone knew any command prompt code or any tips on hacking stuff.

shabbir 2Apr2009 08:33

Re: Command Prompt
Search for some Batch file stuff here and you would find some really good things for your command prompt

griff44444 3Apr2009 03:38

Re: Command Prompt
What is the code called that you use when using command prompt?

indiansword 3Apr2009 05:23

Re: Command Prompt
telnet, netbios, jtr etc. etc. etc. etc. there are probably infinite ways,

its just that HOW U WANNA USE IT!

neo_vi 3Apr2009 10:22

Re: Command Prompt
the code is called a BATCH file.

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