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reolowlitte 2Apr2009 00:42

Do someone knows this game?
Good morning/Good day/Good evening/Good afternoon/Hello/Hi/Hei/Hola,I/we/my friend/my sister/my brother/my cousin/my uncle/my dad/somebody saw/played/heard of/tried/found/discovered/watched/learned of/noticed/came across/uncovered/spotted a great/a marvellous/an incredible/ a fantastic/ an unbelievable/ a smashing/a funny/an amazing/ a wonderful/ a stunning/ a cool/ a groovy/ a spectacular/an excellent/ a superb/ a fabulous game/ fitness tool/ product/article/tennis simulator/sport/pastime/entertainment/tennis training equipment/tennis tool/gadget/sport gadget/sport equipment/training tool it's called tennis trainer/they say it is the tennis trainer/ the tennis trainer/tennistrainer/it's named tennis trainer/ the logo is tennis trainer , watch the video/see the clip/check it out/go to the site/try it now/buy it now/play and have fun/ fun and fitness/for all tennis lovers/the perfect sport gift.By/bye bye/ciao/see you/regards/see ya/later

shabbir 2Apr2009 08:47

Re: Do someone knows this game?
No I dont

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