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majesticmanish 1Apr2009 13:16

Forward declaration Doubt
I have a doubt regarding forwarding declaration.

in .h file:
class B;
class A{
void func(B* tap);

in .cpp file
void A::func(B* tap){

does the above code snipet correct if not whats the problem. Please be descriptive.

shabbir 1Apr2009 16:12

Re: Forward declaration Doubt
In .cpp file I assume you have included the .h file and if that is true its correct but then tmpo and other variables are in doubt

Mridula 1Apr2009 16:19

Re: Forward declaration Doubt
You need have to include the .h file for declaration for class A in the file where "class B" declaration is there.
Apart from that tempo is what here?

majesticmanish 1Apr2009 16:38

Re: Forward declaration Doubt
I got my doubt clear. I have to include B.h file in A.cpp file as earlier i was in a doubt since i already had made forward declaration of B in A's header file.

tempo is nothing imp. here....just a part of rough-code.

btw, thanks 4 clearing my doubt.

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