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cpulocksmith 31Mar2009 22:36

need help with sata driver
ok well i bought a lapton a toshiba satellite a300. i put fedora 9 on it. now i with to put xp on it. i have been told that i need to use a sata driver upon booting xp. i know how to boot the driver and the boot disk my problem is obtaining the driver. i have no idea where to find it. i looked at the drive and it says that it is a toshiba sata drive. i have looked on google but that turned up nothing but useless tutorials, that do not supply a drive nor a link to a site where i can obtain one. so could some one please provide me with some place i can find one. if more info is need needed please post what you need to know and i will get back to you with the info as quickly as possible.

Taha_ttf 14Apr2009 17:29

Re: need help with sata driver
hi ... what that u want to put xp on ur laptop ..
of curse u need a xp for sata .. & the other way is if u check the bios option u will find an option that make u choose sata or ata .. change it ...

thank u ...
I hope that's is what u need

cpulocksmith 14Apr2009 21:08

Re: need help with sata driver
yeah i actually figured this one out a while ago and never really got around to posting the solution. well as you said i went into the bios and changed sata from disabled to compatibility. and that fixed it. kinda a dumb thing... and i stumbled upon the fix by complete fluke.

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