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Carlos 27Mar2009 23:43

Error in Creating Tables
Hi! everyone, i m new user of DBMS, i have recently installed Ms SQL Server Management Studio, in it i have created my database, but when i try to create a table it gives an error...

Please help me out......
Remember that, i am doing it with my personal computer, and it don't have any type of restrictions.

vikas1234 31Mar2009 15:49

Re: Error in Creating Tables
do you have enough permission to create table to the database ... how did u create the user

Carlos 31Mar2009 17:11

Re: Error in Creating Tables
No! Is it nessary to create a new user in SQL before using it???

Can you tell me how??

Carlos 2Apr2009 01:06

Re: Error in Creating Tables
I have created the User, and has given him admin role in the "Roles" option, but same error occurs.

Someone plz reply! Where are the experts of this forum???

shabbir 2Apr2009 08:38

Re: Error in Creating Tables
Looks like the problem is with the .NET framework and not related to permission. Try creating tables using some other user and see what happens.

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