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Ascendancy 19Mar2009 18:58

Better Career in Software or Hardware?
I am a senior in high school, graduating in a couple of months and planning on going to college for a Computer Science degree. I have been working with PHP for about 2 years now and was looking forward to a job doing some type of programming, either web based or Windows based. However, I recently started working at the Geek Squad about 3 or 4 months ago, and now I have a sudden interest in the hardware aspect of things, and have been looking at careers such as IT Technicians, Server Admins, etc... I am torn between both, so what are your opinions on what the better career path would be?

shabbir 19Mar2009 19:17

Re: Better Career in Software or Hardware?
I always tell this. Do what you like the most. If you are passionate for software go for it. If for hardware go for it. If for MBA. Do it.

indiansword 25Mar2009 00:42

Re: Better Career in Software or Hardware?
i like both the sides i.e. hardware and software. so go for the one that pays better. and open a website for free support for other one to get more people know about you and your skills

TriG0rZ 25Mar2009 15:28

Re: Better Career in Software or Hardware?
yea listen to shabir because hes basicly right because either way in job aspects your going to need people who can do either 1 or the other. You need software to run the hardware to make it do what you need it to do and you need the hardware to use the software.

Prof. Krauf 1Jul2009 06:24

Re: Better Career in Software or Hardware?
I just want to make sure that you are aware of everything first because I'm still not sure if I'm going to the CS route either, I don't really want to do it yet I sort of have to because the real path I'm trying to follow is messy in education. Generally most careeers have more defined paths for itand it isn't as difficult to find a school for it. but there are a lot of math requirements for the program. Three levels of Calculus and discrete math are required.

naimish 1Jul2009 06:47

Re: Better Career in Software or Hardware?
As told by all, it's all depend upon interest, Software and Hardware, both has it prons and cons, you can see now a days IT market in software is much down, no new jobs, recession, lay off and etc etc..but have you noticed anything such in Hardware ? ;)

It was time in 2002-2003 when IT was in it's hayclone days.....it's was golden time that IT was in demand, (IT I mean here is Software side).

My friend joined at that time, got promotion in 2 months, went on-site in just 6 months, cool time it was. See now, I have more then 2+ year of exp. still I haven't got anything such yet :(

Still I dnt want to leave IT Software :) all depends.

Hope I clear your doubt !!?

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