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kamleshgupta 17Mar2009 12:52

help me
hi guys

my name kamlesh i had completed my hardware networking and i had completed my mcse and also given 270-290 paper of microsoft. but now i am thinking to join ethical hacking i need ur guys help shuld i join or not. because problem is the job there job for ethical hacking in mumbai. i am doing my course from iiht andheri.i ma doing this course for better job and futher so help me.


kamlesh gupta

neo_vi 17Mar2009 13:23

Re: help me
ur wish. If u have interest in CEH u can join it. or else u can learn it by downloading materials available in the net. but joining a course will give u more exposure.

kamleshgupta 17Mar2009 14:05

Re: help me
what about the job ? there are vacancies for this course.

neo_vi 17Mar2009 17:48

Re: help me
I dont know about the vacancy of jobs, and i cannot give u an assurance either. Due to economic slowdown u may or may not get a job. but many companies have a ETHICAL HACKING team inorder to protect their data.

fourthdimension 18Mar2009 02:10

Re: help me
Most governments have well-trained ethical hacking teams to keep their information secure and engage in cyber intelligence/surveillance.

kamleshgupta 18Mar2009 08:08

Re: help me
shuld i join this course u know economic slowdown is going on. course charge me 26000/- for 1 months thats why i am asking about the job and all. if dont get we will forget.

indiansword 18Mar2009 10:06

Re: help me
even i was curious to know the names of the genuine institues for ETHICAL HACKING and the future prospective for it. because you do it better when u like what u do :)

kamleshgupta 18Mar2009 13:42

Re: help me
whch course is in demand ?in IT sector

SpOonWiZaRd 25Mar2009 20:53

Re: help me
Know what you can do and learn what you cant. Can you do ethical hacking?

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