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fchrist 12Mar2009 14:34

VB .NET newbie/oldtimer question
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Hi all,

To introduce myself I am a 20 year old web designer who was taught Visual Basic in 2003, but forgot all of it. :shy: :eek: :eek:

This is a line in Microsoft Train Simulator CABVIEW Files (.cvf). I am creating a program that will go through a users cvf files and let them select the ones that they want to not have a "TEXT RESPONSE" as shown here, see the bottom center of the screenshot attached!

I am trying to create a program that will go thru about 1500 Unicode files and change the line:

TwoState (
Position ( 309 400 25 26 )
Graphic ( "..\\..\\Common.Cab\\Generic Eng Cabs\\SD60M Rebuilt\\cabview\\Night\\SD70M Horn.ace" )
NumFrames ( 2 2 1 )
Style ( ONOFF )
MouseControl ( 1 )

Changing that line MouseControl ( 1 ) to MouseControl ( 0 ) will make it so the "Text Displays" won't show up anymore.

My program has a Menu, Checked List Box (so users have the options of checking only the Unicode files they want too), Text Box and Read/Write Buttons.

Any suggestions/ideas/help?!?!??!?!? :embarasse


-Frank C.

fchrist 16Mar2009 14:30

Re: VB .NET newbie/oldtimer question
Does anyone have any ideas or answers?


-Frank C.

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