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ilovemaxims 28Jun2010 10:48

Re: Complete HACKING information
hey i dont even know if this is legal haha but i need to ask about a hacker. i need one. and not to like ruin someones life or crash someones computer but...ahh...its a boyfriend issue...hes cheating on me or so i think and bla bla bla. so ive tried all the tlking about the problem and stuff and i juts realized i need to get his facebook password. so. as shameful as it is i am asking if you know how i could do that? i have his email. please i would be forever greatful

bestworldguru 1Jul2010 08:38

Re: Complete HACKING information
very good knowlege of basics..

rohegde 22Jul2010 23:07

Re: Complete HACKING information
can any one tell me how do i post a keylogger server and wher do i get the tutorial about sql injection

rombozo 24Jul2010 04:35

Re: Complete HACKING information
Nice share there bro...keep it up

rohegde 24Jul2010 18:03

Re: Complete HACKING information
can you tell me where do i get the tutorials for ketlogger server method & for sql injuction method. please post to my email id rohitrsrkvs165@gmail.com ...............................plese post....................... i liked your article it's awesome thanks for the info............. wher do you work????? i am a student frm karnataka doing engineering in info science....

vismaya 30Jul2010 19:24

Re: Complete HACKING information
Check this site for more Hacking tutorials


vickygulwan 30Jul2010 22:59

Re: Complete HACKING information
hiiiii all
I wanna be a expert so please some one can teach me how to hacking i will be thanks full for that
Please send me you suggetions at (singh.vikram008@gmail.com)

Silence 24Dec2010 16:46

Re: Complete HACKING information
In Brute forcing, how you can make notepad file? Plz tell me.

hemal08ce094 30Dec2010 13:30

Re: Complete HACKING information
nice information!!

Blood|Mask 11Jan2011 14:54

Re: Complete HACKING information

Originally Posted by indiansword (Post 44239)
Yea, and video tutorials for "SHELLS" & "SQL Injection" is already posted, if you may wanna check them out

information are good but hacking did not evolved with windows 98. actually it dates backs to late 20th century when in 1980's computer started to evolve and at&t started the dial-up network throuhgout us using switching method. first attempt of hacking (phreaking) was by captain crunch using his captain crunch can to create a 2600 frequency to break into the at&t service to make free long distance call. well actual credit should go to charles babage for the creation of computer and madam ada for writing the first code for computers.

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