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ali_akbar 2Apr2010 20:12

Re: Complete HACKING information
thankx 4 all the information i really appreatiate it.

jordanmorgan14f 3Apr2010 01:50

Re: Complete HACKING information
Hello this is FBI Agent Jordan Morgan, Detroit Sect and we are tracking your computers right now....


indiansword 3Apr2010 02:45

Re: Complete HACKING information
Nice to see this post still getting read.

@JordanMorgan14f :- lol nice

ali_akbar 3Apr2010 19:26

Re: Complete HACKING information
well brother can u hel me .
i just want to know what are thes all file types like php,exe ???
n how should i use them n wher which 1 should i use .. plz if u send me all the inf abt it then plz reply me.


Originally Posted by indiansword (Post 66610)
Nice to see this post still getting read.

@JordanMorgan14f :- lol nice

Script.kiddie 13May2010 00:27

Re: Complete HACKING information
Its Good

MOHAMMED SHAREEF 21May2010 11:33

Re: Complete HACKING information
Simple way to hack..........not guarenteed.........it works only with your friends,or relatives gmail id...........

Enter to gmail..
Dont enter your username or password..
Clink the link shows cannot acces to my account
clik the link forgot password
then enter the below link password recovery
submit the user id you want to recover
they ask the security question.. User select
most of them selects there 1st phone no?foolishness!!!!!!!
If you know about there personal information..........then hacking is simple

devilxone 22May2010 13:48

Re: Complete HACKING information
great post dude, :P

chelsieisabel 23May2010 06:17

Re: Complete HACKING information
Hi i was wondering if someone can do me a big favor. Please :) . Some one hacked my old account and I really want it back before they really mess with it or write my friends, I've tried to hack it back, but I really do not understand how to do it :( . Can someone please teach me or maybe even be sweet enough to do it for me :). I'd really appreciate it :).

chelsieisabel 28May2010 02:59

Re: Complete HACKING information
can someone please help me. my yahoo was hacked and i would really appriciate it if someone can please help me get it back. ive tryed all i can but the person who hacked it changed all my information. idk how else to get it back :/ please help

lordmayor 5Jun2010 19:00

Re: Complete HACKING information
Am interested in that too, please if any one can help in that admin stuffs please inbox me adonispeniel@yahoo.com

Originally Posted by dense (Post 56241)
im interested in grey hat hacking. I hav some really creative ideas but lack the recources to impliment them! Ive watched every youtube tut on the subject & tried pretty much all above mentioned methods. Ie sql, java inj, keyloggers & progs like poisen ivy & bi frost. I tried tamperdata. I registerd on hackthissite & completed variouse missions. I also tried kane & able to crack md5 hashes. None of these methods hav so far worked! I need to find a way to gain access to a website as admin!! Its not that im lazy & cant be bothered to find out info. Its just that none of the info ive been given is @all usefull. Where can i find specific info on this subject that is effective ennough to actually be implimented in the real world?! Ive wasted ennough time on this & ive been getting nowhere!!!!!!!!!! I need tutorials that work from scratch & go into specifics in a user friendly format that works step by step rather than using broad strokes. Id rather find the information i was given was extremelyover simplified or even patronising as @ leat this reduces margin for error signifficantly. Thx.

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