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moody_87 10Mar2009 14:08

Non Graphical C++ help
Hello guys J
I hope to find some help in here L
I donít know anything about c++ L and I need to build a safe files using c++ and compile it using gcc\g++ compiler. Where the safe should be as a binary file that contains the other files
All this should be in the text mode so no graphical interface is required.
So could you please provide me with a step by step guide to help me with building my safe files?
If any c++ experts here and wanna help me, please just send me a private message to give you more details.

Thanks in advance J

xpi0t0s 10Mar2009 16:16

Re: Non Graphical C++ help
Why not just use something like 7zip?
What do you mean by a "safe file"?

moody_87 10Mar2009 16:22

Re: Non Graphical C++ help
safe file means a binary file that contain encrypted files
The file safe management program should handle the following functions:
1. Adding file to the safe
2. Extracting file from the safe
3. Deleting file from the safe
4. Listing files in the safe
5. Checking the integrity of the files in the safe

xpi0t0s 10Mar2009 17:02

Re: Non Graphical C++ help
And my other question?

moody_87 10Mar2009 17:18

Re: Non Graphical C++ help
can you tell me more about 7zip and how it work ? and can implement this through text mode (dos) by using c++ ?

xpi0t0s 10Mar2009 17:49

Re: Non Graphical C++ help

moody_87 10Mar2009 18:25

Re: Non Graphical C++ help
thanks a lot, i'll check that

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