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yuentong 7Mar2009 10:07

*help*to solve sorting and searching algorithm
i m a newbie in programming and i have to solve this question in c++ programming. i m having a problem in solving this question..
i dont know where to start my program..
can any one give me some idea?

a. Enable user to create and manipulate a list of items (must be able to read integers, characters and strings).
b. Enable user to sort the list. (any sorting algorithm except na´ve sort)
c. Enable user to search a particular item in the list. (use any searching algorithm)

xpi0t0s 7Mar2009 13:25

Re: *help*to solve sorting and searching algorithm
If you have no idea at all where to start (which is to define a main() function) then this task is way beyond you and it would be advisable for you to go on a programming course.

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