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pleomax02 6Mar2009 14:50

How to hack into LAN Network
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I have searched this forum and google but i didn't find anything which matches waht i am looking for.

Hacking a Network Computer didn't help that much. I can see probably 20 computer when i enter My Network Places.

And when i scanned a PC using NetAudit i got the following result:


Then when i tried to enter the PC by typing \\Movie\c$ into explorer i got the following box:


Then i tried to Map a Network Drive using "Administrator" and a blank password and i got this box which asks for password:


This is how My ISP provides its services and i don't know how to contact him in person.

Last week he shared one of his drives for an hour and i found the he downloaded most of the latest Movies through torrent. He is probably using the Platinum Package of the ISP which gives him superb speed.

I have very poor speed and it will be helpful if can get the movies from him.
I have used Cain & Abel to Enumerate the Users and here is the result:


When i click on his services i get: Access is denied.

I am running my PC as an Administrator.

Can anyone please tell me how can i get into his PC?

pleomax02 6Mar2009 14:52

Re: How to hack into LAN Network
I forgot to mention i am not on a Wireless Network.

The ISP provides its service through Fibre Optic which connects to an Ethernet Switch and from that switch i got my connection through a CAT5 cable.

The switch is kept out side my house in a locked box.

SpOonWiZaRd 25Mar2009 15:37

Re: How to hack into LAN Network
Get Cain & Abel, then get the password hashes crack them and then connect to the C$ on the remote machine. Cian comes with a great help file that explains all of the program features, do urself a favour and read it.

indiansword 26Mar2009 08:21

Re: How to hack into LAN Network
yes i agree to Mr.s0=p00n, cain and able's the best way.

pleomax02 26Mar2009 10:19

Re: How to hack into LAN Network
For some reason i cannot install Abel on the Remote Machine.

I can see the drives with 'Default Share' and i can even Enumerate the Usernames.

But even when i connect as 'Administrator' i can't install able.

indiansword 26Mar2009 23:27

Re: How to hack into LAN Network
u dopnt ha ve to install CAN AND ABLE on the remote machine. it should be isntalled in ur computer, its basically used for network poisioning.

rijans 1Jun2011 09:06

Re: How to hack into LAN Network
I have tried. LAN networks windows 2008 S & client windows 7 becomes more secure and none of these methods are working me.

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