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LukaB 4Mar2009 19:46

Luka Here!
Hello, My name is Luka Bozic and I come from Croatia!
I have been speaking English my whole life, and I was going to an English school. I have experience in article writting, forum posting and alot more. I earn money online by selling articles, reviewing stuff, PTC scripts, forum posting and alot more. I hope I find it great here, actually I already did make some posts and it is great!

shabbir 4Mar2009 19:50

Re: Luka Here!
You can write for Go4Expert as well

LukaB 4Mar2009 19:56

Re: Luka Here!
Thank you, I am not good at writting Programming Articles sorry, I wish I could but not my niche.

shabbir 4Mar2009 23:20

Re: Luka Here!
Its perfectly fine. I just wanted to show some options.

Thor 10Mar2009 14:28

Re: Luka Here!
Thor here Luka. Thought you might be Luka from another site but it doesn't sound like you are a general contractor. Is Luka short for a longer name--like someone called Bob when their full name is Robert? Now if I can just find a thread on a worm before I had to register.....computing is so fun! Thor

xpi0t0s 10Mar2009 16:22

Re: Luka Here!
Probably not; Luke is a name so this is probably a variant.

/me remembers the time I met someone new at uni and I thought he said "my name's VJ" so I said what does that stand for (thought maybe he was called Victor Julian or something and just used VJ for short). Turned out his name was Vijay...oops!

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