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Suchita 1Mar2009 18:48

windows programing
I have a college annual project in c programming language. The project’s motto is create a “Garneted lifetime in wireless senior network”. I have some a java code, but I don’t know that how to convert it in to C?
Can you help me for this project by code???
How many header file are needed to include?

shabbir 1Mar2009 18:57

Re: windows programing

Originally Posted by Suchita (Post 43664)
How many header file are needed to include?

As many as you want to

xpi0t0s 1Mar2009 21:19

Re: windows programing
Perhaps you could start by explaining what "Garneted lifetime in wireless senior network" means; this makes no sense to me at all.

Do you know both Java and C? Like a lunguistic translator needs to know both the languages he's converting between, a code translator needs to understand both programming languages.

You only need to include header files that define functions you want to call. If you aren't calling any, then you don't need any include files.

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