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Nageshha 16Oct2006 12:15

Diff b/w UNIX & Linux
Hi all..
What are the exact differences between UNIX & LinUX..


shabbir 16Oct2006 13:34

Re: Diff b/w UNIX & Kinux
Probably the simplest answer is that from a technical point of view there are no major differences.

Nageshha 16Oct2006 14:13

Re: Diff b/w UNIX & Kinux
Ok shabbir bhai... thank u..
But, Should i cal myself as UNIX professional or LINUX professional..???

shabbir 16Oct2006 14:58

Re: Diff b/w UNIX & Kinux
Whichever you know to a professional level.

Nageshha 16Oct2006 15:06

Re: Diff b/w UNIX & Kinux
ok thanks

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